Obama Pres Dinner 2012

April 30th, 2012

uncategorized Saturday night during the traditional annual dinner of the correspondents of the White House in Washington, Barack Obama himself for the fourth consecutive year that imposed exercise that uses the humor of the American president. On this occasion, it must indeed provide an offbeat and full of self-mockery in front Botox Kelowna of two thousand journalists, media owners, politicians and Hollywood celebrities.

This year, Barack Obama is first returned to the specific context of the dinner of 2011, where he appeared relaxed as he prepared to give the order to give the attack against the residence of Osama bin Laden. “Last year we were going justice against one of the most famous people of the world ” bad credit loan , he started. At the same time, the screen projected behind him, not the portrait of the founder of Al-Qaeda … but that of Donald Trump , whose presidential ambitions were the target of his jokes last year.


For the 2012, Barack Obama chose a prime target: Mitt Romney , his likely Republican opponent for the presidential election on Nov. 6. He assured that his competitor had seen Hunger Games . In this movie , which was a hit at U.S. box office, candidates supported by sponsors rich kill until only one survivor remains. “It has not had the change of scenery” , he said. Alluding to Republican primaries ahead of s’ completed .

Barack Obama said to Mitt Romney, this lavish evening organized in a huge ballroom of the Hotel Hilton in Washington would be that “a bite”, referring to the fact that McCain is a multimillionaire. He added that his opponent was, like him, out of the prestigious Harvard University, before irony : “I have a degree, there are two. What a snob!”


During his diabetic foot ulcer treatment speech, Bush took over the “dog-gate” by recalling the story continues Mitt Romney, when he had his traveling dog, Seamus, in a cage on the roof of his car, in 1983 . The President has projected on video screens a photomontage of Mitt Romney out of the Air Force One with a dog cage on the roof. It is also reneged on his own troubles dog. “What is the difference between a Hockey Mom [Sarah Palin's nickname] and a pitbull? The pitbull is tasty ” , said Obama, who had to s’ explain after having given have eaten dog in Indonesia as a child.

Bo, the dog of the president, was the game. The animal appeared in a clip with an unhappy look. The voiceover described him as a hostage of “European socialism dog” , before declaring that “American dogs can not afford four more years of Obama. ”

The tenant of the White House has also reserved a few jokes at Democrats. Recalling that four years ago, he and Hillary Clinton were bitter rivals for the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama told his secretary of state “could not help him send drunken text messages from the summit of the Americas Cartagena ” , referring to pictures of Hillary Clinton at a club in Colombia . He also mentioned his services security, some agents are involved in a prostitution scandal . “I had many more jokes to tell , but I must go in order not to miss their curfew ” , at he jokedĀ apartments omaha ne

Barack Obama, however, found his serious make tribute to journalists Anthony Shadid and Marie Colvin died in Syria . “Never forget that our country is counting on you to protect our democracy and our freedom ” , he said.


The association of accredited correspondents at the White House was founded in 1914. Since 1924, the annual gala is a national tradition. It combines traditional journalists covering the news of President of the United States , its primary function being to honor journalists and award scholarships.

But over time, the dinner brings dental assistant schools together more and more Hollywood stars: this year were well attended by the director Steven Spielberg , actors George Clooney , Sigourney Weaver , Claire Danes and Kevin Spacey , Eva Longoria , Goldie Hawn and Reese Witherspoon , and singer John Legend . And some commentators are quick to criticize people on this side.

In the Washington Post, Dan Zak recalls a dinner “is an opportunity for politicians to ignore the problems of people temporarily, for journalists to pretend they are stars, for the 1% [of privileged Washington] d ‘ use of Chardonnay from California to clean their palate aggravations of the real world: the deteriorating situation in Syria , for example, and a slowing U.S. economic growth and the personal savings rate in the country, which declined for the sixth consecutive quarter. ”

“Like everything else in our society saturated with celebrity correspondents dinner at the White House has become a red carpet affair, says Philly.com. For example, Politico has invited Charlize Theron and Eva Longoria. Newsweek / The Daily Beast brought Reese Witherspoon and Viola Davis. John Legend came with the Time http://www.chirobizacademy.com and recorded seats for George Clooney and Steven Spielberg. ” The dinner “is just a chance for Democrats and Republicans to laugh with nice people “.



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